Download Book Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics

Research-oriented approach, fine-tuning for ease of use, and student success for the fourth edition of Physics for Scientists and Engineers Knight remains firmly grounded in accurate, efficient content-based research, and highlights. Features, and even more so MasteringPhysics, take student learning to the next level. By expanding the problem-solving guide to include more emphasis on modeling […]

Download Book A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking 6th Edition

This best-selling short introduction to public speaking provides practical coverage of any topic that is usually covered in full text, from invention, research and organization, practice and presentation, to a variety of lectures. Its concise and inexpensive format makes it great not only for public speaking courses, but for any environment across the curriculum, at […]

Download Book Business Law: Text and Cases 014 Edition

Comprehensive, authoritative, and reader-friendly, market-leading business law: Text and file offers the ideal combination of classic “black letter law” and advanced coverage of contemporary issues and cases. Today, the BUSINESS LAW, 14E continues to set the standard for excellence. This text offers a strong student orientation that makes law accessible, interesting, and relevant. Items, content […]

Download Book From Inquiry to Academic Writing: A Text and Reader with 2021 MLA Update Kindle Edition

This step-by-step text obscures academic reading and writing It demystifies academic step-by-step reading and writing This e-book has been updated to provide you with the latest guidance on MLA-style resource documentation and follows the instructions in the MLA Handbook, Ninth Edition (April 2021). from inquiry to academic writing 5th edition pdf See academic culture more […]