Download Book A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking 6th Edition

This best-selling short introduction to public speaking provides practical coverage of any topic that is usually covered in full text, from invention, research and organization, practice and presentation, to a variety of lectures. Its concise and inexpensive format makes it great not only for public speaking courses, but for any environment across the curriculum, at work or in the community. The sixth edition is full of new examples, research, useful tools, and digital support to help students master the principles of public speaking in the classroom and beyond. New lectures and examples from people like Will Ferrell, Emma Watson, and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School students engage students in current issues, demonstrate the impact of speech, and provide successful models. Practical advice on topics such as how to set the organizational pattern for use, how to adapt to the audience, and how to combine the pervasive language facilitates practical guidance. The launch pad of this book has been greatly expanded with an e-book. New and professional videos taken; Unit tests; And a new video evaluation program that makes it easy to record video and provide coach-colleague feedback.

a pocket guide to public speaking 6th edition pdf download